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The ASEAN Food Security Information System (AFSIS) in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), MOA of China hosted the Training on 

“China-ASEAN Information Management and ICT” during 10-17 December 2016 in Xiamen, P.R. China. The objective is to promote the communication and construction of agricultural information system in ASEAN, and to enhance the ability of agricultural statistics application of officers working on food security.

The workshop hosted 11 participants from ASEAN Member States excluding Singapore, Viet Nam and Brunei Darussalam. The delegates learned about the Construction of Agricultural Science and Technology Information in Rural Areas, Introduction of China 's Food Security and Production Management and also visited a county-level agricultural sector and inspect the work of the local agricultural information acquisition .

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1. Indonesia (Cadis)
Center for Agricultural Data and Information Systems,
Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Indonesia

Name of Activities : Improving Statistics Data on Food Processing and Distribution related to agricultural crops in Indonesia
Objective : To prepare and implement of the pilot survey on Food Value Chain (FVC) under the project funded by AFSIS.
Date : 12-15 July 2016
Location : Cadis Office in Jakarta , Indonesia
A Brief Summary of Activities : 
1. To Prepare for pilot survey by complete information of list condition on food and agriculture related companies in the country 
2. Conduct investigation meeting for relevant stakeholder such as policymakers and data holders (public and private) to share the project objective and its outcome, to grasp country specific needs of FVC related data and to discuss appropriate survey methods;
3. To sign a contact between AFSIS and CADIS for corporate above mention activities.


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The 14th AFSIS Focal Point Meeting back to back with the 1st Workshop of Improving Statistics Data on Food Procession and Distribution related to Agricultural Crops in ASEAN Region (ISFAS) project
The Meeting and Workshop was held back to back on 1-2 August 2016 at Chaophya Park Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. The two events were organized by the AFSIS Secretariat.
The main objectives of the 14th AFSIS Focal Point meeting are to inform the ASEAN Plus Three countries the overall outcomes and achievements of AFSIS in 2015 and to consider 2016 work plan. Whilst the 1st Workshop of the ISFAS project aims to provide a platform of discussion on the implementation and work plan of the project, particularly in the pilot countries, Indonesia and Lao PDR in the first year of the project (2016-2018).
The Meeting was attended by the members of the AFSIS Focal Points and the participants from the ASEAN Plus Three countries, except Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and the People’s Republic of China.
Details of the Meeting and Workshop appear as in Summary Report.

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The ASEAN Food Security Information System (AFSIS) in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) and the Korea Agency of Education, Promotion and Information Service in Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (EPIS) hosted the Training on “Capacity Building in Agricultural Statistics and ICT Application” during 9-19 October 2016 in Seoul & Daecheon, Republic of Korea.

The objective is to develop human resources of ASEAN Member States in agricultural statistics and ICT application and strengthen global cooperation network for food security in the ASEAN Region. There are 16 participants from ASEAN Member States excluding Singapore and Brunei Darussalam. The course consists with 3 modules which are Korean Agriculture Policy, Korean Agriculture and ICT/Education and Agricultural Statistics information system.

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